Round Polypropylene Plugs


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Round Polypropylene Plugs

Round Polypropylene Plugs

End Caps
Our inner-fit polypropylene plugs, which are designed for use in our thin, sealed bottom and hanging tubes, are stocked in red, black and natural colours. These plugs, which are easy to insert and remove, are suggested for lightweight or non-fragile items. Custom colours are also available.

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Standard Colours
BLACK - Round Polypropylene Plugs
RED - Plastic End Caps
NATURAL - Polypropylene Tube Plugs for Plastic Tubes

These colours are shown for reference purposes only! Your monitor and settings can greatly affect the colours. If requested, we can provide a sample of a specific colour for evaluation purposes.


IPP Size Chart

Reference #Style Description Product Range Color Inside Diam.
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Reference #Style Description Product Range Color Inside Diam.
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IPP5.3CRB UK [IPP] 5.3MM BLACK IPP BLACK 5.3 500/500/500 Sample
IPP7.6CRB UK [IPP] 7.6MM BLACK IPP BLACK 7.6 500/500/500 Sample
IPP10.7CRB UK [IPP] 10.7MM BLACK IPP BLACK 10.7 350/250/250 Sample
IPP13.9CRB UK [IPP] 13.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 13.9 300/200/200 Sample
IPP16.2CRB UK [IPP] 16.2MM BLACK IPP BLACK 16.2 250/125/125 Sample
IPP18.1CRB UK [IPP] 18.1MM BLACK IPP BLACK 18.1 250/150/75 Sample
IPP20.5CRB UK [IPP] 20.5MM BLACK IPP BLACK 20.5 250/200/100 Sample
IPP22.2CRB UK [IPP] 22.2MM BLACK IPP BLACK 22.2 200/200/200 Sample
IPP23.9CRB UK [IPP] 23.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 23.9 200/150/75 Sample
IPP26.1CRB UK [IPP] 26.1MM BLACK IPP BLACK 26.1 150/150/150 Sample
IPP27.8CRB UK [IPP] 27.8MM BLACK IPP BLACK 27.8 150/75/50 Sample
IPP29.2CRB UK [IPP] 29.2MM BLACK IPP BLACK 29.2 100/100/100 Sample
IPP30.9CRB UK [IPP] 30.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 30.9 120/100/80 Sample
IPP34.6CRB UK [IPP] 34.6MM BLACK IPP BLACK 34.6 75/50/50 Sample
IPP36.5CRB UK [IPP] 36.5MM BLACK IPP BLACK 36.5 85/50/50 Sample
IPP38.9CRB UK [IPP] 38.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 38.9 65/65/65 Sample
IPP41.8CRB UK [IPP] 41.8MM BLACK IPP BLACK 41.8 75/65/25 Sample
IPP43.4CRB UK [IPP] 43.4MM BLACK IPP BLACK 43.4 60/50/50 Sample
IPP46.2CRB UK [IPP] 46.2MM BLACK IPP BLACK 46.2 55/40/30 Sample
IPP49.0CRB UK [IPP] 49.0MM BLACK IPP BLACK 49.0 45/45/45 Sample
IPP52.6CRB UK [IPP] 52.6MM BLACK IPP BLACK 52.6 50/30/20 Sample
IPP55.2CRB UK [IPP] 55.2MM BLACK IPP BLACK 55.2 35/35/35 Sample
IPP58.9CRB UK [IPP] 58.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 58.9 35/30/30 Sample
IPP65.3CRB UK [IPP] 65.3MM BLACK IPP BLACK 65.3 30/20/5 Sample
IPP70.9CRB UK [IPP] 70.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 70.9 25/20/20 Sample
IPP78.4CRB UK [IPP] 78.4MM BLACK IPP BLACK 78.4 30/20/15 Sample
IPP90.7CRB UK [IPP] 90.7MM BLACK IPP BLACK 90.7 16/16/16 Sample
IPP102.9CRB UK [IPP] 102.9MM BLACK IPP BLACK 102.9 12/10/6 Sample
IPP5.3CRN UK [IPP] 5.3MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 5.3 500/500/500 Sample
IPP7.6CRN UK [IPP] 7.6MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 7.6 500/500/500 Sample
IPP10.7CRN UK [IPP] 10.7MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 10.7 350/250/250 Sample
IPP13.9CRN UK [IPP] 13.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 13.9 300/200/200 Sample
IPP16.2CRN UK [IPP] 16.2MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 16.2 250/125/125 Sample
IPP18.1CRN UK [IPP] 18.1MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 18.1 250/150/75 Sample
IPP20.5CRN UK [IPP] 20.5MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 20.5 250/200/100 Sample
IPP22.2CRN UK [IPP] 22.2MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 22.2 200/200/200 Sample
IPP23.9CRN UK [IPP] 23.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 23.9 200/150/75 Sample
IPP26.1CRN UK [IPP] 26.1MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 26.1 150/150/150 Sample
IPP27.8CRN UK [IPP] 27.8MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 27.8 150/75/50 Sample
IPP29.2CRN UK [IPP] 29.2MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 29.2 100/100/100 Sample
IPP30.9CRN UK [IPP] 30.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 30.9 120/100/80 Sample
IPP34.6CRN UK [IPP] 34.6MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 34.6 75/50/50 Sample
IPP36.5CRN UK [IPP] 36.5MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 36.5 85/50/50 Sample
IPP38.9CRN UK [IPP] 38.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 38.9 65/65/65 Sample
IPP41.8CRN UK [IPP] 41.8MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 41.8 75/65/25 Sample
IPP43.4CRN UK [IPP] 43.4MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 43.4 60/50/50 Sample
IPP46.2CRN UK [IPP] 46.2MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 46.2 55/40/30 Sample
IPP49.0CRN UK [IPP] 49.0MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 49.0 45/45/45 Sample
IPP52.6CRN UK [IPP] 52.6MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 52.6 50/30/20 Sample
IPP55.2CRN UK [IPP] 55.2MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 55.2 35/35/35 Sample
IPP58.9CRN UK [IPP] 58.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 58.9 35/30/30 Sample
IPP65.3CRN UK [IPP] 65.3MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 65.3 30/20/5 Sample
IPP70.9CRN UK [IPP] 70.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 70.9 25/20/20 Sample
IPP78.4CRN UK [IPP] 78.4MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 78.4 30/20/15 Sample
IPP90.7CRN UK [IPP] 90.7MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 90.7 16/16/16 Sample
IPP102.9CRN UK [IPP] 102.9MM NATURAL IPP NATURAL 102.9 12/10/6 Sample
IPP5.3CRR UK [IPP] 5.3MM RED IPP RED 5.3 500/500/500 Sample
IPP7.6CRR UK [IPP] 7.6MM RED IPP RED 7.6 500/500/500 Sample
IPP10.7CRR UK [IPP] 10.7MM RED IPP RED 10.7 350/250/250 Sample
IPP13.9CRR UK [IPP] 13.9MM RED IPP RED 13.9 300/200/200 Sample
IPP16.2CRR UK [IPP] 16.2MM RED IPP RED 16.2 250/125/125 Sample
IPP18.1CRR UK [IPP] 18.1MM RED IPP RED 18.1 250/150/75 Sample
IPP20.5CRR UK [IPP] 20.5MM RED IPP RED 20.5 250/200/100 Sample
IPP22.2CRR UK [IPP] 22.2MM RED IPP RED 22.2 200/200/200 Sample
IPP23.9CRR UK [IPP] 23.9MM RED IPP RED 23.9 200/150/75 Sample
IPP26.1CRR UK [IPP] 26.1MM RED IPP RED 26.1 150/150/150 Sample
IPP27.8CRR UK [IPP] 27.8MM RED IPP RED 27.8 150/75/50 Sample
IPP29.2CRR UK [IPP] 29.2MM RED IPP RED 29.2 100/100/100 Sample
IPP30.9CRR UK [IPP] 30.9MM RED IPP RED 30.9 120/100/80 Sample
IPP34.6CRR UK [IPP] 34.6MM RED IPP RED 34.6 75/50/50 Sample
IPP36.5CRR UK [IPP] 36.5MM RED IPP RED 36.5 85/50/50 Sample
IPP38.9CRR UK [IPP] 38.9MM RED IPP RED 38.9 65/65/65 Sample
IPP41.8CRR UK [IPP] 41.8MM RED IPP RED 41.8 75/65/25 Sample
IPP43.4CRR UK [IPP] 43.4MM RED IPP RED 43.4 60/50/50 Sample
IPP46.2CRR UK [IPP] 46.2MM RED IPP RED 46.2 55/40/30 Sample
IPP49.0CRR UK [IPP] 49.0MM RED IPP RED 49.0 45/45/45 Sample
IPP52.6CRR UK [IPP] 52.6MM RED IPP RED 52.6 50/30/20 Sample
IPP55.2CRR UK [IPP] 55.2MM RED IPP RED 55.2 35/35/35 Sample
IPP58.9CRR UK [IPP] 58.9MM RED IPP RED 58.9 35/30/30 Sample
IPP65.3CRR UK [IPP] 65.3MM RED IPP RED 65.3 30/20/5 Sample
IPP70.9CRR UK [IPP] 70.9MM RED IPP RED 70.9 25/20/20 Sample
IPP78.4CRR UK [IPP] 78.4MM RED IPP RED 78.4 30/20/15 Sample
IPP90.7CRR UK [IPP] 90.7MM RED IPP RED 90.7 16/16/16 Sample
IPP102.9CRR UK [IPP] 102.9MM RED IPP RED 102.9 12/10/6 Sample
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