Vinyl Hanger Caps

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Vinyl Hanger Caps

Vinyl Hanger Caps

Vinyl Hanger Caps

These durable, vinyl hanger caps allow you to display your products on a peg board hook or slat wall while offering excellent hold and product protection. The hanger caps can be used on our thin, sealed bottom or heavy wall tubes and are available in a wide variety of standard colours. Our Vinyl Hanger Caps are available for 13.4mm/13.9mm, 20.2mm/20.5mm, 27.6mm/27.8mm, 34.4mm/34.6mm, 41.6mm/41.8mm, 43.0mm/43.4mm and 52.2mm/52.6mm size tubes.

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Standard Colours
BLACK - End Caps and Plugs

Available Colours
MEDIUM BLUE - End Caps and Lids for Plastic Tubes
DARK BLUE - Vinyl Hanger Caps
DARK GREEN - Vinyl Hanger Caps
KELLY GREEN - Plastic Hanger Caps
GREY - Hook Hanger Packaging
RED - Vinyl Plastic End Caps
ORANGE - Vinyl Plastic End Caps
WHITE - Vinyl Hanger Caps
BROWN - Vinyl Plastic End Caps
YELLOW - End Caps and Plugs

These colours are shown for reference purposes only! Your monitor and settings can greatly affect the colours. If requested, we can provide a sample of a specific colour for evaluation purposes.

AHC Size Chart

Default Description Product Range Inside Diameter
Wall Thickness
Stocked Length
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1 AHC13.5S AHC UK Vinyl Hanger Caps 13.5MM X ?MM AHC 13.5 1.5 2520
2 AHC20.6S AHC UK Vinyl Hanger Caps 20.6MM X ?MM AHC 20.6 1.5 2550
3 AHC27.0S AHC UK Hook Hanger Packaging 27.0MM X ?MM AHC 27.0 1.5 1045
4 AHC34.9S AHC UK Hanger Caps for Tube Packaging 34.9MM X ?MM AHC 34.9 1.5 1035
5 AHC41.3S AHC UK End Caps and Lids for Plastic Tubes 41.3MM X ?MM AHC 41.3 1.5 560
6 AHC44.5S AHC UK End Caps and Plugs 44.5MM X ?MM AHC 44.5 1.5 560
7 AHC50.8S AHC UK Vinyl Plastic End Caps 50.8MM X ?MM AHC 50.8 1.5 525
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NOTE: Our closures are designed specifically to fit our own tubes. If you want to use our plugs for a different application, we suggest that you request a Sample before ordering.


Vinyl Hanger End Caps for Clear Plastic Tubes and Containers
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