Round Vinyl Caps


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Round Vinyl Caps

Round Vinyl Caps

Vinyl Round Caps
Cleartec's outside fit, round vinyl caps provide a touch of quality to many types of packaging, while remaining tough and durable. These caps are flexible, but tight-fitting. The vinyl caps can be used with our thin, sealed bottom and heavy wall tubes. Although these caps are stocked in black, they are available in a wide variety of colours to suit your application.

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Standard Colours
BLACK - Vinyl Plastic Caps

Available Colours
MEDIUM BLUE - Vinyl End Caps
DARK BLUE - Round Caps and Closures
DARK GREEN - Vinyl Plastic Caps
KELLY GREEN - Vinyl Round Caps
GREY - Round Caps and Closures
RED - Vinyl End Caps
ORANGE - Vinyl Round Caps
WHITE - Vinyl Caps
BROWN - Vinyl Caps
YELLOW - Round Caps and Closures

These colours are shown for reference purposes only! Your monitor and settings can greatly affect the colours. If requested, we can provide a sample of a specific colour for evaluation purposes.

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